I'm an artist from Argentina.I specialize in illustration, concept art and character art.Always looking for opportunities in the game development industry!

Funky Pepe#7387

My commissions are closedI'll reopen them eventually, but Im not sure when.
Feel free to reach out for updates!

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Ghost Spider

My spidersona, redesigned!He has smoke limbs and a transformed form! This guy died in the past, but a mythic (legend?) spirit spider gave him a second chance. I imagine him like a good spirit that appears, does the good thing, and vanishes.This is the original design, made back in 2020


Gifts for @eulatiuu !!Character(s) portrayed belong to her.


Fanart of neon from valorant.


Commissioned Artowrks.Not my character.

Unnamed project

Quickly made sketches.Personal project.


Commissioned design and artwork.


Commissioned design and artwork.


Commissioned artwork. Not designed by me.

Delvin V. Rakdos

Commissioned design and artwork.

Lin Fei, The Iron Dragon

Fanart of Lin Fei, from Brawlhalla.In this project I tried replicating Riot's splash art style.


Poster inspired by the game "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask"

The Nickyverse!

Illustration made for an art contest.
Not my Characters.

Sakura Tiefling

Illustration made for a "do this in your style" challenge.
Not my character.
Originally, this one's palette was all over the place, so I decided to tweak it a little bit. Hence the new/old comparison.


Commissioned design.


Commissioned illustration.
Not my character.
Promo art made for a videogame!Referenced illustrations in the thumbnails are from Legends of Runuaterra.

Drip Witch

Illustration made for a "do this in your style" challenge.
Not my character.

Cruz, the marauder

Character designed as submission for ArtWar5.For the event, we had to design a warrior/fighter based on the culture of a country. I chose my native country, Argentina.

Fox Spirit Yumiko

Commissioned illustration.
Character from Brawlhalla.

RiftGala Iula

Design and Illustration made for the RiftGala event over @riftgala!Theme was "Dreams and Nightmares".
After exploring a few variants, I decided to go with a a soft and cloudy look.
The background in the illustration was made by the RiftGala team. I made all the character art.Original character from Legends Of Runaterra.


Commissioned Illustrations and Sketches.
Not my character.

Quick Character Portraits

Quickly made portraits of different characters.Designs are not mine.


Random characters artOriginally studies, I gave these a little more time without references.

Conceptober 2022

Concepts made for Conceptober 2022, a month long challenge hosted by @EraiViolettMost of these were completed in a day, one after the other.Original Characters are from League of Legends.

Sona Design

Oc art!Originally created for a YouTube channel, I now use this guy as online face.Some of this art was made for Chroma Corps 2022, hosted by @sinix777 .Final picture was one of them assignments, where I designed gala outfits for some friend's characters and mine.
From left to right, original characters belong to Supreme, Gabi, Koto, myself and Eula.

Black Widow Knight

Fan concept of a character for the Hollow Knight game series.Design based on the real life Black Widow spider.Originally made for an art event with daily prompts called Chroma Corps. The respective assignment was "Black Widow Knight" so I used it to design this character!

Iris, Dragon of the South

Commissioned design.This character was designed for a Runaterra themed Dungeons And Dragons campaign!She is a mercenary from bilgewater, born in Ixtal from the egg of an elemental Dragon.


Commissioned design and illustration.This character can travel through shadows and control them.
His name (Kuronoō) means King of Black.

Plague Magician

Birthday gift for my brother!This was based in his (at that time) profile picture, which was a Slugma (pokemon) wearing a plague doctor's mask.

Foxton, the last Vixenari

Commissioned illustration.
Not my character.
This guy is an adventurer, the last one of his kind.
Tried exploring different sides of the character personality through the sketched poses.

Sofa Chill

Commissioned illustration.
Not my character.
Colors were picked having in mind my client's colorblindness. She has Deuteranopia specifically, greens and reds are very compromised.

When I had to pick colors, I tried to accomplish both:
- Having present the pretty colors in her palette so the image doesn't look dull for her
- Having nice colors for the normal eye, so it doesn't look too chaotic